Friday, July 1, 2016

Walking in Florence... And Trying Not To Get Lost

Fun Fact: Florence is beautiful

After settling into our apartments we went to get groceries, and that is when I noticed one of the biggest differences between Italy and America (specifically Florence and Chicago). The streets are extremely small, only big enough for one car to fit in at a time. Therefore there aren't any lanes to distinguish lines, and people freely walk in the street.

And the streets aren't perfect squares/blocks like they are in most American cities; they curve, go diagonal, and even change street names randomly. Even though we were all given maps of the city, I found that the easiest way to navigate was to memorize landmarks. But if we did use the street names, nine times out of ten De Pepi took us a majority of the way that we needed. If we followed it we could easily find the eachother's apartmets, the grocery store, and Il Duomo,

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